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“A Journey into the World of Technology”

With 30 years’ experience in the Australian IT industry, Christine McNamara is passionate about making critical business goals possible through technology. Christine has worked for many leading organisations, both locally and abroad.

Christine delivers real business benefits while saving customers valuable time and money; seemingly impossible technology projects are her speciality. Her ability to tailor technology solutions to meet customers’ requirements has made her a sought-after IT and business consultant. Known as a straight shooter, Christine has a reputation for getting the job done while exceeding customers’ expectations.

Christine has developed a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) application. To find out more, visit us at optimusaustralia.com.au

Also, check out Christine’s Service Modelling application on yoursmp.com

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    Perfumed Steamroller – A Journey into the World of Technology

    by Christine McNamara

    ‘When you do what you are passionate about long enough you discover there is a science to it!’

    For some people, technology is a necessary evil – for others, it’s something they can’t imagine living without. For Christine McNamara – a ground-breaking businesswoman and technical expert – it has led to a dynamic and rewarding career in the Information Technology industry.

    Christine’s journey into the world of technology began in 1986, when the new generation of mini computers was considered to be cutting edge technology. Armed with a degree in Computing and Management Information Systems and on-the-job training, Christine went on to forge a successful career in a man’s world over the next thirty years: first as an employee, then as a contractor and, more recently, as a business owner and software developer for the Service Integration and Management industry. Christine enjoys delving into the complexities of data analysis and knowledge management, as well as dealing with challenges associated with helping customers solve business problems. Combining her business acumen and technical know-how, Christine is developing on-line service integration and management tools with the Optimus Australia team to bring the power of executive decision-making to a broader audience. To find out more go to optimusaustralia.com.au

    Also checkout yoursmp.com for information and a video about Service Modelling, developed over the past 4 years.

    Christine has also created downloadable products ‘Major Incident Management Simulation Game’ and ‘Position Description Template’ that are available for purchase from the Book Store.

    In Perfumed Steamroller, Christine shares her experiences, insights and the lessons she has learned along the way so that others may also benefit. Told in a conversational style, this is a thought-provoking book for anyone who wants to succeed in business in any industry.





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